• Paloma Miller

Why Men Pull Away?

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

You met a perfect guy for you. You didn't immediately show that you liked him very much, you were careful, but over time he was so persistent, so romantic, so kind and so attached.. You felt that there was a special bond between you two. You were totally flying on the wings.

You feel that this is your other half and you feel safe. You open up and show your feelings, you are extremely happy and you are going through a wonderful time. You have even begun to think how lucky you are, because not everyone finds their true love. Literally, You live in a fairytale.

Only suddenly everything changes. He gets a lot colder. He doesn't talk so much, he doesn't initiate meetings, he doesn't show attachment and love anymore, he can even insult you, be bitter. This is where your heart breaks, he acts like a completely different person!

But now you need to be strong and help save your relationship. Because if you want this relationship to continue, everything will depend on you.

First of all, you know, we women, we have a much stronger emotional intelligence, our world of feelings is much richer and we feel much better understanding feelings and emotions. For men, this realm is alien, so when they feel very vulnerable, attached, and experience strong feelings, they retreat as if they are locked away. This is incomprehensible to us women by nature, so when a man begins to act like that, we attack, question, re-approach, become irritable, obsessive, overly emotional. And guess what happens? We are exacerbating the situation and we can even break the relationship down to the ground.

Another important aspect that changes his behavior is extremely important. YOU. Remember how charming, mysterious, energetic, independent person you were before meeting him and in the beggining of relationship.

You had Your own unique life and amazing personality WITHOUT HIM. But over time, you fell in love more and more, and it was seen.

You may have even forgotten your hobbies, people around you, your friends, in other words, HE has taken over your life.

To put it simply, a man admires a woman who admires HER life. He doesn't need a woman who feels full with him only. Makes sence, right? I'll tell you more, there's nothing sexier than living as if you don't care whether he will like you or not. Tricky, isn't it?

You have to like yourself and your life. I'm not really saying to be cold. Be charming and show that you like him, do it subtly, be warm and loving, but in moderation 😊 Most important, live Your best life, enjoy yourself and show that You don't need anybody to fill Your life! It will make him addicted to You.