• Paloma Miller

What Makes a Man Truly Love You?

Do Men Need Love? When can they unfold and truly say they love? It is not easy for men. Let's start with the fact that they have a much harder time catching up with their feelings than women. But opening up a man's feelings is certainly possible. Only he needs to feel safe and comfortable with you before he can become vulnerable and open up.

First of all, he must feel an extraordinary connection with you in order to love you unconditionally. Whatever you do, whether you eat together, go for a walk, or make love, you have to be the one with whom he feels the highest level of happiness. And when you're not around, no one else can give him the same feeling.

I often say in my articles that a woman must be an independent and interesting person who feels full and without a man. However, you do not need to show your so-called "strength" or ambition with a man. Your warmth, smile, laughs melts his heart. Show how happy you are with him - a man wants to be your hero! Praise him for his efforts (restaurant choice or something else), and for anything he has done for you, it will only encourage him to do more. And the more he tries for both of you, the more his feelings will grow, especially if he feels you appreciate it and feel happy.

Another very important aspect is the touch. In psychologists' offices, men reveal what they are most afraid of losing is not sex, not having fun together or anything else, but the touch of a woman.

Touch his face, his hair, keep his hands in contact, swipe your fingers over his neck, kiss his cheeks and look him in the eyes.

Manipulation will not help here, only the real feeling. Feel that you really want to be with this person and give warmth, good emotions, touch.

Men are afraid of being vulnerable, and your sincere feelings will give him a sense of security. Then he will be able to open himself, to be present with you, and to express his own feelings.

I really want to point out that I am not telling you to attack him with messages or confessions of love, it is not sexy at all. After all, a man is a hunter and all the more he wants to be with a mature strong personality. I am telling you to be a shining person, a smiling, grateful and warm woman. Such a woman is kind and feminine, such a woman melts a man's heart and reveals his masculine side. And that male side of the man wants to protect and love you.