• Paloma Miller

What Attracts Guys the Most?

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Maybe it's the eyes? Lips? A smile? Or a fine, sporty body? Of course, all of this is really good. But the most attractive quality of a woman is self-love, self-worth. You have probably heard it many times and I may not have said anything new and I'm talking banally, but the truth is simple. Super interesting thing is that appearance also strongly correlates with love for yourself.

First of all, ask yourself, do you love yourself? How much? Do you accept yourself as you are? Most of you will probably say yes, but, in reality, dissatisfied with weight, some kind of appearance details or maybe character traits, lack of emotional intelligence, education and so on. Each of us is different and our requirements for ourselves are very different. And you have to feel good in your coat - be comfortable with yourself.

I have a strategy of constantly improving myself and raising my self-esteem. It's simple, but it will take some willpower to follow and implement. I am happy to share it with You.

1. Write down on a sheet the things you don't like about your appearance and your inner, mental world (character, education, behavior, etc.).

2. Choose the things that are most important from the list that cause you the most discomfort. These need to be changed immediately.

3. Once you have chosen what you want to improve - take action! For example, you realize that you have long procrastinated to lose ten pounds, but you know that you have gained and it does not add to you confidence. So give up some unhealthy products and start exercising! Just don't push yourself too much, better slowly but surely, because our brains don't like stress and resists.

Another example is that you may not have the education you want and may not be able to graduate, but may acquire the required competencies by studying online or taking a multi-month course. You get certified, you meet new people, you make your wish a reality - it will give you a lot of confidence!

Every win over yourself, forced self-growth will increase your will and self-worth. You will become a better human-being and a more attractive woman. Even the small changes you make for yourself can have a huge impact on your self-confidence.

Super cool thing is that you can get excited when you see you can build and change yourself, your strength will increase and you will want to improve more and more. Your self-confidence, values, also demands on yourself, the environment and men will grow. So the consequence is that you will attract better men. Maybe it is good, right? 😊

Well, if you have your other half, believe me, you will make him shake and stretch (cha cha) and fall in love with you again.