• Paloma Miller

Make Him Miss You. Top 3 Ways

Missing someone means that you are craving for fisical or emotional intimacy, but not getting it. Perhaps you are in a relationship and not feeling appreciated or maybe you are in a long distance relationship and you wanna see him more. Or you had a breakout and you want him back and miss you.

Here are the top 3 ways to make a man miss you like crazy:

1. Stop initiating communications! When you miss someone, its very hard to not reach that person because you want to communicate with him very much. But if you REALLY want a man to MISS YOU – you must PULL AWAY.. Do not initiate calls or texting with him, he will recognize the difference and will wonder why suddenly you got silent on him. Let him feel a little down and realise that he was happier when things were different. Also make him wait before you answer messages or return his calls. It sends a mental message to him that you are busy and not just sitting and waiting with the phone for him to contact You. Be patient! Men are not interested in needdy and insecure women.

2. Put yourself first! Prioritise Your needs. Sometimes people especially women go out of the way to show the person whom they are dating with how much they love them. And in doing so, they don’t want to feel like they are disappointing them, they jump at every opportunity to hangout, talk. Its not a good thing if you are trying to peek his interest and miss you more. In this case you have to take attention from him and put it back to yourself. Care of You first – keep up with some hobbies, sports, make plan with friends and family, take care of your fisical and mental health and beauty. Trust me, he will notice that and you will see the change in his behavior!

3. Give him something to miss! You have to rock his world in a way that no one cans! And leave him wanting more, craving more.. And the only one who can satisfy this desire is YOU. You must create that feeling, that dynamic that he understands he can't get anywhere else. Everytime he is thinking about You – he will be thinking about fun things, he will associate you with happiness and fun. Don’t talk that you missed HIM! Or telling him that you gonna miss him -he will think you became very much attached and needy. Let him wonder if you actually missing him. KEEP THINGS LIGHT AND FUN even he disappoints you that doesn’t show enough feelings and attachments for you, even if you are frustrated. Hide that disappointment – it's important! Not once – but everytime. Light, fun, easy going, confident, not an insecure person.

These advices seem to be easy, but you have to be disciplined. Even if you’ve been dating for years, it will be very healthy to put some “spices” and create desire and make him crazy about you more again.