• Paloma Miller

Get Him Back in 3 simple steps

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

You divorced, you had a conflict or you took a break in your relationship.. Or maybe you haven't seen him in a while and you don't know if he cares anymore or misses you.

It doesn't matter! 3 simple steps will make him remember you and take a huge interest in you.

1. Whatever hurts you, most importantly, don't show it. Don't write to him, don't call, get away from him. If you do not do this, the other two points will not matter.

If (When) he will contact you, do not answer immediately. It will show him that you are busy and not sitting on the phone waiting for him to contact you. When you reply to a message, you can thank him for a message, tell him it's nice to be remembered, answer him politely, but don't keep asking and start a conversation.

Communicate without anger, talk kindly, but without much interest. You will create the image of a mature, confident woman. This will be a huge turn on for him!

2. Invest in Yourself! It's a great time to think about you. Spend time having fun with your loved ones, friends, go to dance, theater, cinema, events, do whatever makes you happy. Think about changes in appearance, maybe you were planning to go to a gym for a long time? Do that! Or wanted to change your hairstyle, get a new manicure, make-up and more. It's the best time for that. Positive appearance changes will not only beautify you externally but also give you confidence. This energy is very well felt by men! By the way, if he contacts you and invites you to meet, don't immediately say Yes, be very busy, let's arrange a time that suits you later days..cha!

We are coming to the third point, where I will tell you that others have to know about your great life and amazing look.

3. Use social Media to highlight your life. Fun and independent life. You can use social media to your advantage by indirectly showing that you have an independent, full, fun life without him. Let him see how happy you are in social media wheather you are out with your friends, or attending rock star concert, or having delicious dinner with someone... but without him. Take fun photos and share them on social media. Note: don’t fabricate, don’t fake posts!

Be You, happy and authentic. He will want to be by your side for every new adventure. Guys want to make sure that you have life outside of them.

Sharing about your life and its adventures indirectly is the best way!

I hope these three steps will help you regain his attention. But remember, if a man is not for you, or if he is just a fool (so many!), it will not help even if you are the greatest, most beautiful, smartest woman in the world. However, if you feel the attraction for him and you know that he has a heartache for you, then you will definitely make him think of you.