• Paloma Miller

Become a Priority in His Life

You are dating with the guy and You feel that You are not his priority, he doesn’t value you enough. Or even might be that he contacts you only when he doesn't have more important things to do...

What are some signs that he does not see you as a priority?

1. He doesn’t consistently return your calls and texts. Don’t expect him to answer instantly – we have jobs, things to do, we have life going around us. But he will make sure to answer you as soon as he can if you are an important person for him.

2. He makes plans only which are convenient to him, you are not a priority part in his plans and he doesn't show effort to make you feel special. A man can tell anything what he wants..but ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

3. He makes excuses. No matter how busy he is, he either makes time for you, or makes excuses for you. Sometimes it might not be a reflection to you, he could be very busy with his job and other goals in life. In my opinion, that type of men shouldn’t be dating at all, relationships always requires time and effort from both.

4. He tells he’s not ready for relationships, probably he even can tell that he will date other girls and might not care that you date others.

You don’t want to be a second choice! Common, if you really like this guy and you think that You both have potential, it's time to change the situation!

So how to become his priority?

Lets go deeper in this and turn things around:

1. Stop initiating communications! Do not initiate calls or texting with him, he will recognize the difference and will wonder why suddenly you got silent on him. Let him feel a little down and realise that he was happier when things were different. Be aware: He will innitite the situation and contact You pretty quickly!! Also make him wait before you answer messages or return his calls. It sends a mental message to him that you are busy and not just sitting and waiting with the phone for him to contact You (even if it is like that..cha). Be patient! And trust me it will pay You back.

2. Don’t be so available, decline request. Don’t always say yes, when he invites you somewhere. Don’t always be available when he calls and wants to meet you, asks to go out. Especially, if he offers and invites in a short notice. Saying NO for his requests sents him a message that you have other engagements or commitments that are taken priority. It also sents him a message that he has to make plans with you in advance and respect your time. It will show him that you have other things going around and you are not just sitting and waiting for his call. You are keeping busy and he will admire this and will desire more to be a part of your plans. Also he will not take you for granted anymore.

3. Be mysterious, develop intrigue, don’t tell him everything you do! You don’t need to share your daily activities with him, explain everything what you are doing. You want to develop intrigue, to share piece by piece of your life and earn your trust. If you are going dinner with your parents, you can just tell that you are going dinner. That’s it! You DON’T HAVE to tell with whom you are going with, unless your relationships are very serious and he asks. When you have plans with your friends and he asks you on a date in the last minute, tell that you already have plans with your friends! YOU WANT him to appreciate YOU and your time, and you want him to remember your value as a (girl)friend and let him wonder! If he needs to ask for something – let him do that too. 😊

4. Let him invest in You! People value more what they work for. When he invests in you, he will appreciate you more. Make him work for you, even in a simple situation when you both have a meeting – let him pick you up; ask him to help you with small favours (studies, some work, solve a problem). He is investing his time and energy into you and he will value and appreciate you more as a result. That's how mens brain work.

5. Prioritise your needs and put yourself in first place. Don't jump to every opportunity to talk with the guy, to meet him all the time, to text. Trust me, it scares and you know what message he gets? She doesn’t have a life, she has no interests, her life without me is miserable and she is insecure. NO WAY! Your goal is to show that you love yourself, that you are confident about yourself, that you live an INTERESTING life (even if you are watching a TV show every day..:D). You have friends, family, interests and priorities. Spend valuable time with them, be grateful and happy. Then you have control in your hands, and guess what happens.. he wants to become a part of your life! Why? Because you are an attractive person with a nice valuable life. That’s a tricky thing. It is easy to do only if you truly love yourself. You really need to think that you are special and the guy will be lucky if you give him your time and possibility to become a part of your life.