The greatest thing you can give to yourself is knowledge.
Knowledge on yourself and men will change your life.

You may become a bitch..

Will you be happier? I cannot promise that.

Will it drive your life and relationships better? Definetely YES.

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About Me

From adolescence I was fascinated by the differences between men and women. And most of all, I have watched girls who do not respect themselves, deal with the opposite sex in a wrong manner. I have seen many hurt women around me, whose relationships have failed, men have taken advantage of them, or have simply not loved them enough. And this is not because men are evil or pigs, but because we women do not know how to act in order to incite a man's love.
This passion to know men continued throughout my life. I interacted with many men, most of them significantly older. They all wanted me as a woman, but I did not have an intimate relationship with them. I sought to know as much as I could about them and get knowledge from different situations and dialogues. I was also married, marriage gave me an invaluable experience and gave me a son. I've read endless literature, helped friends, myself, but it's time to share with more women what I've discovered. I want to emphasize that everything you find on this blog is my own and only my opinion based on my knowledge, my own experience and my discoveries. Everything you read in all kinds of magazines, cosmopolitan, about satisfying a man, being a perfect woman is absolute bullshit! You will only learn how to become the perfect "rag" and not the precious woman to build the future with. My greatest desire is for you to become a confident and self-aware woman, understanding the essence of relationships with men, effectively managing your life and happiness.

You may disagree with the information provided and have another opinion, that's great! I look forward to your feedback and experiences. I wish you a pleasant and useful reading and wish all of you long lasting, beautiful relationships!

With Love, Paloma

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